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This vs That: Series Preview


Welcome! We're glad you decided to check out This vs That. Below, a no-obligation, 100% FREE GIFT.We've collected together the first 10 minutes of each of our 6 one-hour shows... and we invite you to watch them, free.Happy viewing.Episode #1: What's the fastest way to board and … Continue reading
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Life Vest vs Seat Cushion


LIFE VEST VS SEAT CUSHION At take-off, you're sitting quietly in your seat. Three-minutes later a flock of geese fly into the engine which is now on fire. The captain's voice can barely be heard over the PA, "Brace yourself for impact." Suddenly, the cabin is filling with water and you, 150 … Continue reading
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Dog vs Cat (VIDEO)

You're invited. Check out This vs That's series of experiments to determine which household pet is actually smarter. It's Dog vs Cat. This episode features: 1. Dozens of cute dogs2. Dozens of cute cats3. The head of UCLA's Animal Cognition Lab, Dr. Aaron Blaisdell4. An experiment … Continue reading
In this experiment, This vs That will reveal the safest type of roof to have on your house if you live in a hurricane zone. Oh, that's a jet powered fan that blows wind and rain 125mph.

Hurricane vs House (VIDEO)

You're invited: Check out Hurricane vs House. It's This vs That's experiment to determine the best type of roof to have on your house if you live in a hurricane zone. Do you want a house with a steep roof? Or, one with a shallow roof? And what roof material? Do you want shingle? Or tile? We reveal … Continue reading