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Diabolical Fish Catches Orangutan With Spear

Can animals use tools?
Animal Intelligence: Either this Orangutan is using a spear to catch a fish… demonstrating his ability to utilize tools. Or, an incredibly smart fish used a spear to catch an Orangutan.

The study of animal intelligence has taken several great leaps forward as of late.

Elephants are long thought to be stupid incapable of tool use. Just like the Kardashians.  In a series of well known intelligence tests over time, scientists placed food a few feet outside the elephant’s cage. A stick was put inside the cage. When the elephant didn’t use the stick to reach the food, scientists determined elephants can’t use tools. And hate wood.

However… in a recent intelligence test, researchers at the National Zoo changed their methodology and the results have scientists doubting their earlier findings. And their own intelligence. And a few, their sexuality. Anyway – this time, food was put in a tree above the elephant’s cage and a small box was placed near-by. It didn’t take the elephant long to kick the box underneath the food and stand on it. Two seconds later the box was crushed. But, for scientists, lessons were learned.

Who’s Smarter: Dogs vs Cats

Perhaps the debate over animal intelligence is no more fierce than the one between Dogs & Cats. Dogs help the blind, sniff for drugs & bombs, and comfort the elderly. And cats? Well, they’re fucking lazy cats who ignore you, are aloof and will scratch out your eyes absence provocation. Conversely, you can teach them to poop on the toilet.

On This vs That we conducted three different cognition tests on a dozen dogs and cats. We tested:

1. Ability to understand human language.

2. Ability to demonstrate empathy.

3. Ability to learn based on previous experiences.

The experiments were overseen by noted animal cognition expert, Dr. Aaron Blaisdell, the head of the Animal Cognition Lab at UCLA.

Below, the first 10 minutes of This vs That’s episode # six, featuring dogs and cats.

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