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Brain Teasers



Solve all three brain teasers and you’ll be entered to win the six 1-hour episodes of This vs That 100% FREE.

(write your entries in the comments section below)

1. Each barrel is filled with water. The water in the barrel on the left is 83 degrees (F). The water in the barrel on the right is 29 degrees (F). A golf ball will be dropped into each barrel from the same height at the same time. In which barrel will the golf ball hit the bottom first?


 2.Pigs go into the pens. Each pen must have an EVEN number of pigs and no pen can remain empty.

Mailman.0013. Which route will result in the mailman delivering the mail more quickly? (assume he walks each route at the same pace). Explain why you choose your route.

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 3.04.35 PMThis vs That is the first independently produced 6-hour series to investigate the science within arm’s reach. Being independent means we were NOT financed by a broadcast network or advertiser and we have no conflicts of interest. In fact, the entire series was paid for the show’s creator, Jon Hotchkiss, a 20 year veteran of TV who has created, Executive Produced or worked on: Bullshit w/ Penn & Teller, Politically Incorrect, Curb Your Enthusiasm, My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad, The Truth About Sex, Invasion of the Christmas Lights and Punkin Chunkin, among many others.

Photos - 1246This vs That stars Brad Sherwood (Whose Line is it Anyway?), Chris Tallman (Reno: 911, Sarah Silverman Show, Chocolate News, The Thundermans) and Mark DeCarlo (Studs, voice of Jimmy Neutron’s dad, host of more than 1000 hours of TV).

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Winner Announced Sept. 18th, 2013 9pm (Pacific). If you have won or entered a previous This vs That contest within the last 5 days, you are not eligible.

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  1. Karlie Williams

    1) the left barrel. water freezes at 32 degrees
    2) place two of the pugs in each pen, and then the host and contestant in the big pen.
    3) route one because walking in a straight line is shorter than walking diagonally.

  2. 1. The left barrel b/c the right one would be ice.
    2. Put 2 pigs in each of the smaller pens, then put all 3 smaller pens in the larger pen.
    3. They are the same distance.

  3. I agree with Christopher on the first two, but Route 2 would require him to stop and look both ways before crossing, taking more time.

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