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Cat Loves Coffee


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This cat loves coffee. How do I know? Just watch and see. And if this made you laugh, would you kindly share it? Thanks.


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Story: I met this cat who loves coffee at a cafe in Paris on August 7th, 2014. Needing to get out of the pouring rain, I stopped, along with my family, at a cafe for a quick lunch. The maitre’d said he had only one table remaining, but that we’d have to share. You see, his cat was perched on one of the table’s chairs and didn’t want to move. For my kids, this was a bonus, not only would they get lunch… but also get to play with a cat. Anyway, while my girls were in the restroom, the cat jumped up on the table… I watched to see what would happen… and seconds later, the cat goes for my wife’s coffee. 

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