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Does Cheating On A Spouse Make You Untrustworthy Everywhere?

Actress, Megan Albertus graciously agreed to help This vs That.
Why does sex outside a marriage invariably make the cheater untrustworthy in ALL areas of their life???


When it comes to allegations and revelations of sexual activity by successful, famous or rich men outside their matrimonial bonds, the media can’t be categorized as either liberal or conservative in its coverage. Rather, when it comes to sex, dirty talk, selfies, sex tapes, sexting, naked photos, prostitutes, sexually charged pseudonyms — Carlos Danger — dark socks, tapping your foot underneath a public bathroom stall and hiking the Appalachian trail, there’s only one word to describe the media: puritanical.

Oh. And voyeurs.

OK. Two words.

So the question is: Why? Why when an adult man has sex with an adult female who is not his wife or girlfriend does that suddenly make him unfit for public service, the object of ridicule and someone to be relentlessly shamed by the American media?


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It starts with religion. In an effort to guarantee stability in society, secure the foundation and longevity of the American family and to control the behavior of men and women, religion — and more precisely, the Church — relentlessly preaches the evils of sex, nudity, pornography, sexual literature, sexual art, and homosexuality. Why, you’ll even find bible passages condemning sexting and side-boob in the Rick James version.

So, in a society where nearly all of us from our youngest age have been relentlessly inculcated with religious teachings, it should come as no surprise to find that some of those puritanical teachings wound up woven into the fabric of left and right leaning journalists along with their corporate governors. Recent photos of a near naked Geraldo Rivera not withstanding.

After-all, unlike say Obamacare or immigration, there is something everyone in the media can agree on: having the moral high ground over politicians really makes you feel superior and criticizing a politicians sexual peccadilloes is a lot easier than explaining the bankruptcy in Detroit or how the new health care exchanges are reducing medical costs, just like the president promised. Oh, and getting to say stuff like “Weiner’s penis” and making puns like, “Weiner’s support is limp” is 100 percent pure ratings gold.


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Where was I? Oh yeah…

All religions and the Church in particular — believe men are weak and as a result, will stray from their work responsibilities and civic commitments, their family obligations and the vows they made to their wives if they indulge in sex, or experience nudity, sexuality and porn outside the bonds of marriage.

Additionally, religion condemns the women who are overtly sexual because these women tempt men to be weak… which, as we now know, will result in the disintegration of “traditional family values,” the ruination of government and the transformation of society as we know it into something reminiscent of Caligula’s Rome. Or, any Tuesday night at Charlie Sheen’s.

And yet, I am unaware of any evidence anywhere that suggests that the simple act of having sex — even the dirty kinky best kind — outside the bonds of matrimony absolutely must result in poor work performance, terrible parenting and unsatisfactory commitment to 25-sydney-leathers-screenshotone’s constituents. And yet, as we have seen time and time again, Gary Hart, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Mark Sandford, David Petraeus the list goes on and on — that is the only conclusion nearly everyone in the media and watching at home comes to.

However, has a man who secretly has sex outside his matrimonial bonds done anything worthy of scorn? Hell yes! He has lied to his wife, he has deceived his wife, he has gone back on a vow he made to his wife as he stood before his family, his friends and his god. And his wife should be furious. Devastated. She should want to cut off his penis. She will likely want to leave him and punish him however she’s able.

But that’s the extent of it.

The problem is that the media and the people watching invariably tangle up two very disparate thoughts: 1. Guy lies to wife, ergo 2. Guy can’t be trusted anywhere ever again.

That ridiculous idea conflagration will continue for as long as we demonize sex… rather than treat sex as it really is, a human need as vital as breathing air.

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