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Why Don’t We Condemn The Gold Digger?




I suspect that when Americans hear of a new terrorist attack against the US… most Muslim Americans engage in a unique inner dialogue, whispering to themselves “Please. Don’t let it be one of us.” 

When voters first learn of a married politician on Capitol Hill who has been caught having a homosexual affair with a member of their staff, Republicans likely say to themselves “Please. Don’t let it be one of us.” 

When investors first learn of scandal on Wall Street where a billionaire banker has swindled billions of dollars, Jews likely say to themselves “Please. Don’t let it be one of us.” 

When church goers first learn that an unnamed sexual predator preyed on alter boys in the mid-80s, Catholics likely say to themselves “Please. Don’t let it be a priest again.” 

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The reason why these groups — and of course, others — cringe upon discovering these awful crimes is obvious — beyond disgust with the awful crime itself. In the past, it has been a member of their group that has committed a similar crime. And then the act of one lone, isolated individual becomes a crime the entire group feels the need to distance it selves from. This, despite the fact that many terrorist attacks have also been committed by caucasian men: The Unabomber, Tim McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, the Olympic Park Bomber. 

This despite the fact that. yes, sexual scandals have plagued the Republican Party: Clarence Thomas, Bob Packwood, Newt Gingrich, Mark Foley, David Vitter, Larry Craig. But, they have also plagued the Democrats, as well: Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Ted Kennedy…

Despite the fact that, yes, corruption and crimes have been committed by Jewish Wall Street Investors: Bernie Madoff, Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky. But, they have also been committed by non-Jews: Jamie Dimon (Greek), Joseph Nacchio, Raj Rajaratnam…

And while this stereotyping and self flagellating is unfair, unpleasant and irrational, it happens. And this gets me back to Donald Sterling and his girlfriend V. Stiviano.

I get that people are rightly outraged by Donald Sterling’s racism. What he said is awful. And what he has done previously, is also awful. He settled for several million dollars court allegations that he refused to rent homes to African Americans and Latin Americans. Plus, his history of a deplorable world view — if you can believe what has been said about him on TV the last 2 days — is that he has been an unrepentant racist for years. And that his racism is a terribly kept secret among those who know and do business with him.

And yet — And yet… people continued to do business with Donald Sterling. They continued to support his basketball team. They continued to advertise in his arena. They continued to come to his basketball games. Take his free tickets. Accept his donations. They continued to make money in partnership with Donald Sterling — who everyone secretly knew, didn’t like African Americans.

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However — where’s the outrage at V. Stiviano?

Here’s a list of Ms. Stiviano’s known transgressions:

  • Donald Sterling is Married. Ms. Stiviano is his girlfriend.
  • The price Ms. Stiviano charged for being Mr. Sterling’s girlfriend? Money, Cars — a Ferrari, 2 Bentleys and a Range Rover, and a 1.8 million dollar home. 2.5 million dollars, as estimated by FOX News.
  • Presumably, in exchange for cars, money and a home, Ms. Stiviano provided companionship and sex.
  • This relationship has been on-going since 2010. The couple met at the Super Bowl.
  • In March 2014, Ms. Stiviano was sued by Sterling’s wife, who accused Stiviano of using her sexuality to dupe an old man out of a Ferrari, 2 Bentleys, a Range Rover and a 1.8 million dollar home.
  • Stiviano has secretly taped conversations with Sterling.
  • Presumably, Stiviano must have told Sterling she had the life-altering tapes and was going to release them if he didn’t do something. Could that something have been to get his wife to drop the lawsuit?
  • Ms. Stiviano releases her secretly recorded tapes.




So — I ask — Where is the outrage from women? Why aren’t women up in arms, furious that one of their own has betrayed them? Has betrayed feminism? Has betrayed the sisterhood? Has perpetuated the stereotype of the “Gold digging whore?”

Unless I’m missing something, Ms. Stiviano also has a fatal character flaw. She traded sex and her gorgeous looks for money, property, opportunity and a lifestyle she would not have been able to afford on whatever salary she earned from her career — as stated in her bio — “artist, lover, writer, chef, poet, stylist, philanthropist.”  

So — here’s a few questions:

1. Isn’t the perpetuation of the “gold digging whore” debilitating to women in general?

2. Doesn’t the perpetuation of the “gold digging whore” foster irrational fears among men?

3. Why is everyone in the media afraid to point a finger at V. Stiviano? Women, yes. But, men, as well.

4. Why isn’t there a “leader” in the women’s movement who is distancing herself — and thus, all other women — from V. Stiviano?

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  1. The wife should take him “to the cleaners.”

  2. Only flaw in this article is that Sterling consented to being taped. He is a moron.The point that other women should be outraged is true.

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