Featured — November 17, 2014 at 10:06 AM

Fastest Airplane Boarding (VIDEO)


You’re Invited: Check out the first 10 minutes FREE. This is our experiment to determine the fastest airplane boarding method. This 1st of its kind experiment — because it’s the first time results are being made public — was featured on NBC News with Brian Williams and was the subject of more than 250 articles in publications around the world. 

This episode features:

1. Dr. Jason Steffon, an astro-physicist from Fermi Lab in Chicago. This vs That puts his theoretical “optimum” boarding procedure to the test against various other boarding methods.

2. 100 passengers

3. A guy who makes a ham sandwich with his feet. Really!

Plus, in a second experiment, we reveal the hotter BBQ fuel, it’s Propane vs Natural Gas.

Click HERE to see the entire six hour series.
Click HERE to see the entire six hour series.

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