Be Less Stupid, Featured, Video — June 10, 2013 at 9:55 PM

Fastest Way Through Traffic: Revealed


To find out the fastest way to navigate through traffic, This vs That conducted an experiment on the stretch of highway affectionately known as the worst commuting route in America. ┬áPeople want to call it “Hell on Earth,” unfortunately the monicker “Hell on Earth” already belongs to whatever place Kate Perry is currently performing.

Anyway — to find out which will get a driver from where they are to where they’re going faster — staying in their lane or weaving in and out of cars, taking advantage of every opening — This vs That commuted the 15 miles from the Getty Center on Los Angeles’ 405 to Pass Avenue on route 134. This commute takes drivers through the most crowded interchange in America, where the 405 intersects with the 101. More than 300,000 cars each day pass through this interchange. All of whose drivers would actually rather be at a Katy Perry concert.

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