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Genius Crow Utilizes Tools To Reach Food!



Several new scientific papers including one from researchers at Oxford — ¬†have revealed something startling about crows.

They’re not just pooping on your head by accident. They’re aiming. At you, very specifically.

I’m kidding.

New research with crows has revealed an inner life with a remarkable ability to plan a series of at least three actions… in advance of one another. Which is two more than Gary Busey.

In other words, among our avian friends, crows are — in a word — geniuses. They have demonstrated the ability to retrieve a short stick dangling from a string… take the short stick and use it to retrieve a longer stick behind a gate… and brandish the longer stick as if it were a sword — like Inogo Montoya — to kill the Six Fingered Man. Where was I? Oh yeah. That last part might also be, the crow can use the longer stick to retrieve a piece of food just out of reach. Here, have a look.


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