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Reviews of This vs That: “Great” “Impressive” “Funny” “Revolution”

GDG_9947This vs That is a terrific and revolutionary new science & investigative series and the #1 choice for science enthusiasts, skeptics and critical thinkers, but don’t just take our word for it – although you could. Here’s reviews of This vs That – the series whose motto is: No Bias. No Bullshit. Just Science, Fact & Funny — from media across the US:
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  • “This vs That” is a completely new type of online entertainment.
  • First, of course, is the time. “This vs That” is almost three times longer than a web series. Second, the show is educational and humorous.
  • This vs That Is the Indie Rock of TV. –
  • If you want more, science based entertainment, find out where your next fix might be coming from. – Skepticality
  • Jon (This vs That’s creator) is starting a revolution with this Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 12.56.05 PMcreator owned and distributed series that tackles life’s, “most vexing mysteries.” This Vs. That is like if MYTHBUSTERS had a baby with WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY, and that baby was abused by science!  With great hosts like Brad Sherwood (Whose Line is it Anyway?), Chris Tallman (Reno: 911, Sarah Silverman Show, Chocolate News, Cross Balls) and Mark DeCarlo (FX, Studs, Travel Channel, host of more than 1000 hours of TV), and the guarantee that things will explode, you really can’t afford not to check this show out.
  • On This Vs. That, a new web-only TV series aimed at men via scientific method, the three co-hosts—friends Brad Sherwood, Mark DeCarlo and Chris Tallman—investigate science, urban legends and a bit of nonsense, always with a sense of humor and eye toward the absurd. Mr. Media, Bob Andelman
  • Mark, Brad & Chris are Jedis of the real world. – YouTube

  • Because we’re not beholden to advertisers, we are able to do things you’d never see on “regular” TV.  – Jon Hotchkiss, creator
  • This vs That is a game changer in terms of TV creation, production, distribution and ownership. – Tess Rafferty, author, Recipes For Disaster
  • This Vs. That is the latest and greatest in web TV. The show creator,Jon Hotchkiss, who is a twenty year veteran of primetime and late night TV, decided to create the show to answer burning questions people have about things such as traffic, animals and flotation devices. –
  • As impressive as these experiments are, however, there is something else that wowed me even more. Many people would think by watching this that everything was done in a huge studio. Nope! The show is instead edited and distributed straight from Jon’s garage, with his  team (some of his previous co-workers) helping him film and conduct the experiments. He believes in the project so much that he will do whatever it takes to make it happen. There is no advertising support and everything is self paid. His hard work, determination and good heart (by giving jobs to friends!) make me like him even more and support him as much as possible. – TV Grapevine
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