This vs That’s Hosts

This vs That is hosted by three smart, likable and hilarious friends with an intense curiosity about how the world really works. They share a long history, making their on-camera style easy, relatable, genuine & funny.  

Their camaraderie is fueled by a shared love of improv comedy and a burning desire to make it home in time to watch Dr. Oz.

GDG_9947Brad Sherwood 

As a young hatchling, Brad Sherwood (Cranius Gigantum), fled the ice plains of Chicago for the arid expanse of the Rocky Mountains, where he settled at the epicenter of art and coyote sculptures, Santa Fe New Mexico. Weaned on green chiles and isolation, he became a savant of self-amusement.

Years later, he hopped a hobo train to the Pacific Ocean where he searched for people willing to employ someone with an abnormally large skull. Eventually, he was plucked from the Venice Beach Freak Show by a band of improvising gypsies who passed him from troupe to troupe, until he was sold into servitude to Scottish pirates, who, in turn, sold him to a British improv TV show called “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”. He has hosted and starred in other shows, but does not feel the need to mention them all…..unlike Mark.

Brad regularly tours the country with Colin Mochrie in the greatest live improv show on planet Earth.  Click here for details.

As for his background in science, Brad double-majored in botany and biology at Dartmouth*. And of his This vs That co-hosts, Mark DeCarlo and Chris Tallman, Brad says: “I adore working with one of them.”

*As a result of a 2010 legal proceeding, Brad is now required to inform viewers that his Dartmouth College, located on the internet, is spelled, “Dartmith.”


Mark DeCarlo 

Among show business professionals, Mark DeCarlo (Melonus Colossalus) is known as a quadruple threat. He’s a gifted comedian, a television host with impeccable timing, delivery and authenticity, a versatile voice actor and a fourth thing that NASA has demanded he no longer discuss.  Whether you know him as the host of “The X Show,” “Studs” or “Taste of America,” or from “Jimmy Neutron,” where he provided the voice of Jimmy’s dad, or as the author of the book, “Fork in the Road,” or from his regular appearances around LA with his band, “Old Blues Eyes,” or his frequent live dates across the US, the two things Mark remains most proud of are his four-year gig as “Heidi” on “The Hills,” and his duct tape collection.

Mark can be seen regularly as co-host of Chicago’s “Windy City Live.” ( His favorite Jackson brother is Andrew. His favorite Galilei is “Saul” (Galileo’s Brother, the contortionist). And of his This vs That co-hosts, Mark says: “One of them has a hilariously huge head. Actually, make that both of them. In fact, the three of us walked into a hat store in Phoenix last month and the proprietor got an erection that lasted more than 4 hours.”

As of January 2014, Mark’s podcast, “A Fork on The Road” is the most popular food and travel show available in the I-Tunes store, with more than a 1/2 million subscribers.


Chris Tallman

Among his countless television roles, Chris Tallman (Bellyus Jellyus) has arrested Sarah Silverman who was, at the time, in blackface (The Sarah Silverman Show).  Also, Chris played a member of the KKK with a discriminating taste for wine, had sex with a blow up doll while lathered in baby oil, and was eaten by an alligator (Reno: 911). And, his head once exploded (House). And yet, the thing in his life everyone finds the most disturbing is that he believes cats are smarter than dogs.

Whether he’s performing live improv at Comedy Sportz LA or acting in hit sitcoms including “How I Met your Mother” and “Parks and Recreation,” or writing, directing and starring in comedy shorts for “Funny or Die,” Chris has only one rule he lives by: “There is nothing funnier than a monkey throwing his pooh at the anthropologist who’s come to observe him.” Well, that and “always split kings.”  OK. Two rules.

Since becoming a part time scientist in early 2011, Chris discovered his favorite antique instrument of navigation is the sextant. He dares you to say “sextant” and not giggle. Of his co-hosts, Chris says: “I’m the luckiest guy in show-biz. I get to work with Brad Sherwood AND Paul Reiser.”

Chris can currently be seen co-starring in the hugely popular and successful Nickelodeon series, The Thundermans.

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