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HOW SMART ARE MONKEYS? Amazingly × Unbelievably × Hilariously


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There’s one question that scientists who study animal behavior have consistently wrestled with: do animals demonstrate a sense of morality? Well, that and why do dogs only throw up on the carpet… never the hard wood floor? Seriously! They’re right next to one another.

nwwhiteheadAnyway… De Wall’s experiments with capuchin monkeys shed new light on how primates handle social situations whose fulcrum is moral behavior.

The results of one experiment  (seen above) indicate that the capuchin has a keen sense of fairness, along with empathy and compassion. Another experiment demonstrated the capuchin’s understanding of reciprocity. 

In the reciprocity experiment, capuchin “A” – who was rewarded regardless of his actions — was observed cooperating with capuchin “B” whose reward hinged on his cooperation with “A”. Don’t worry, though. The world isn’t entirely upside down. Capuchin “A” still threw his poop at “B” — He just waited ’till the experiment was over.

This ability to “do a favor” among the capuchins is considered advanced intelligence… that  has still not been observed among the Kardashian clan.


Cats and dogs look at the world differently from one another.
Cats and dogs look at the world differently from one another.

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