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Hurricane Preparedness Quiz


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There are two months remaining in this year’s Atlantic Hurricane season. On top of which September is Emergency Preparation Month. So, with that, we offer you a Hurricane Preparedness quiz. Knowing the answers could not only save you money, your home and property… but, knowing the answers could also save your life.

But first…at the bottom of this post, be sure and watch the clip from This vs That debunking one of the most dangerous myths associated with hurricanes.

Moving on.

Question 1: What’s a safer roof to have on your house if you live in a hurricane zone? A roof with a gentle pitch? Or, a roof with a steep pitch?

Question 2: What about safer roofing material? Which is more likely to protect your house in a hurricane and which is more likely to cause damage not only to your home… but, also the home of a neighbor, a tile roof or a roof with shingles? 

Question 3: Does putting masking tape in an “X” pattern on your windows do anything to prevent them from breaking during a hurricane?

Question 4: True or False, during a hurricane, if you open your front door, you will equalize the pressure between the outside and inside of your home, thus preventing serious wind damage.

Question 5: What is the name of the scientific principal given to wind’s affect on lift?

Submit your answers by clicking here. I’ll report the results in a forthcoming post.

Get all five (5) questions correct and you become eligible to win the 6 one-hour episodes of This vs That… FREE. Plus, a free This vs That t-shirt. (Winner (s) to be contacted via email).

Jon Hotchkiss is the creator of This vs That. Please follow This vs That on TWITTER, so he can stay in touch. Thx.

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