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Hurricane vs House (VIDEO)


You’re invited: Check out Hurricane vs House. It’s This vs That’s experiment to determine the best type of roof to have on your house if you live in a hurricane zone. Do you want a house with a steep roof? Or, one with a shallow roof? And what roof material? Do you want shingle? Or tile? We reveal all… plus a lot more.

This Episode Features:

1. A hurricane fan that blows wind and rain 125 miles per hour.

2. One of California’s most successful residential building contractors… he’s also the author of the NY Times column, “Ask the Contractor.”

3. We blow the roof off of a house. Yes. That’s right. We actually blow the roof off.

Plus, we reveal the single best bet to make in a casino if you have just $100 dollars.

Click HERE to see the entire six hour series.
Click HERE to see the entire six hour series.

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