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7 Signs You’re Just Sexting Not Dating


MrsDarthVaderFor a moment, let’s stop wagging our finger at the sexually charged among us to raise our fists in outrage at America’s houses of worship, its education system, its communities and its families for utterly failing to prepare Sydney Leathers – the woman who traded naked pictures with former congressman Anthony Weiner — for the realities of a healthy, viable and mature adult relationship.

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Despite being 23-years-old and growing up in a family overseen by adult parents, belonging to a community that instilled values and a sense of morality and attending an institute of higher learning, staffed by gifted teachers, Miss Leathers’ fundamental understanding of the ways in which adult men and women comport as it relates to matters of the heart, is sorely lacking.

7 Signs You’re Just Sexting Not Dating.

In an interview with Inside Edition, a sometimes tearful always radiant Ms. Leathers made the following heartbreaking confessions:

1. Ms. Leathers believed she was in a relationship with Anthony Weiner. Despite never having met him over the course of their 6 months of correspondence and phone calls.

2. Ms. Leathers believed she was in a relationship with Anthony Weiner — who she never met — because she sent him naked pictures of herself and received naked pictures from him.

3. Ms. Leathers believed she was in a relationship that had a future with Mr. Weiner despite the fact that Mr. Weiner told her he was married.

3a. Ms. Leathers felt manipulated because Mr. Weiner, who she had never met in person, was telling her one thing, and his wife another.

25-sydney-leathers-screenshot4. Ms. Leathers believed that if she sent Mr. Weiner — who she was in a relationship with — naked pictures of her junk, he would get her a writing job.

5. Ms. Leathers believed she was in a relationship with Anthony Weiner despite the fact that her partner felt it necessary to use an utterly ridiculous pseudonym — Carlos Danger — to disguise his identity.

6. Ms. Leathers believes she can improve her current station in life by sending a man she’s never met in person naked pictures of her junk.

7. Ms. Leathers, despite being in what she considered a relationship with Anthony Weiner, believed it was OK to simultaneously belong to the website “” and solicit additional older rich men to finance her lifestyle, in exchange for companionship, naked photos and perhaps even sex.

As you can see, Ms. Leathers is a woman scorned, manipulated & ultimately betrayed by the institutions America rely on to instill honesty, decency, faith and human understanding.

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