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Caught: Giant Mouse And Skunk


So, this happened… I caught a giant mouse and skunk…


But first, the back story. I had a skunk living under my home. So, I bought this cruelty-free animal trap. I baited it with a combination of dog kibble and peanut butter. On the second night, as you can see, I caught the fucker who had been stinking up my home for weeks (see below)! For $75 bucks, a guy from a local animal trapping company came to the house and took the live skunk away. I asked him what he was going to do with it and he said, quote “It’s not going to bother you any more.” I took that to mean “I’m going to take it about 100 yards away, let it go, and in a few days some other home-owner will call me and I’ll make $75 bucks to take it another 100 yards away…”



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Anyway, now the story with the giant mouse. Also, it could be a small rat (above). I’m not sure. So — on the off chance that there was a family of skunks, I baited the trap and set it for a few more days. One morning I came out and found this… The beast had crawled into the trap and could not get out. So, it tried to escape. Those “holes” are about 1 inch square. The mouse/rat was able to squeeze his body 3/4s of the way out… but, his hind quarters just could not fit through the small opening. I went inside, grabbed a pair of wire clippers and held the cage upside down, so the mouse/rat’s face was towards the ground. A few times, he managed to lurch around in an attempt to bite me, which scared the shit out of me. Anyway, I managed to clip the trap’s frame and free the little fucker… who scampered away under my house. 

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