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Does pushing the “walk” button do anything? (VIDEO)

Does pushing the “walk” button do anything? (VIDEO)

Tweet We’ve all seen the person who fidgets impatiently at a cross-walk while pressing the “walk” button a few zillion times, right? That scene is immediately proceeded by a similar […]

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What affect, if any, does pushing the walk button have? This vs That investigates.

What Does Pushing The Walk Button Do? (Video)

Tweet To find out what pushing the walk button actually does, This vs That has partnered up with two of Los Angeles’ most prominent citizens. By day, these super heroes […]

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Which is the best cup to keep coffee hot?

Which cup keeps coffee hot the longest? This vs That Investigates

Tweet WHICH CUP KEEPS COFFEE HOT THE LONGEST? From cheap styrofoam to ceramic to expensive bone China to plastic and even 20-dollar thermoses, everyone who drinks coffee has their favorite […]

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What's the fastest way to sober up?

Fastest Way to Sober Up: Hot Coffee vs Cold Shower

Tweet As we celebrate the enormous contributions of those who’ve served in combat, joined the armed forces and given their lives to protect America, our freedom and democracy this Memorial […]

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Why does my Coke do this?

The Best Way To Pour A Coke: Revealed

Tweet The science of Coca-Cola… revealed.¬† WHY DO I LOSE ALL THE CARBONATION WHEN I POUR A COKE? When you’re thirsty, there’s nothing more refreshing than icy-cold Coca-Cola served in […]

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Why does my Coke do this?

Why Does Coke Lose Its Fizz & Explode When I Pour It?: VIDEO

Tweet We’ll tell you why Coke loses it’s fizz and “explodes” when you pour it… and how you can prevent it. Find out May 22nd, 2013 right back here, […]

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This vs That hosts, Brad Sherwood, Chris Tallman and Mark DeCarlo.

Greatest Magic Trick. Ever. Ta-Dah!

Tweet This vs That co-hosts, Brad Sherwood and Chris Tallman perform their variation on Houdini’s “Greatest Magic Trick. Ever! Most Amazing Illusion in Magic History Disappearance – Ta-Dah!”… as a […]

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#12. Words that Make me Giggle: "Tycho" & "Brahe"

Miss USA’s Advice For Men With A Four Hour Erection: VIDEO

Tweet ¬†MISS USA, ALYSSA CAMPENELLA Miss USA, Alyssa Campenella — while not a licensed physician — has some vital medical advice for men who have an erection or constipation lasting […]

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