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Does Pushing The Walk Button Do Anything?

What affect, if any, does pushing the walk button have? This vs That investigates.
Does pushing the walk button do anything? This vs That investigates.

We’ve all done it. Stood at a busy intersection, in a hurry to cross the street, and we push the walk button a dozen times. Perhaps more. Because if pushing it once will make the light change, then pushing it a dozen times will make it change even faster.¬†

Or, so our thinking goes.

But, what if repeated pushing of the walk button only increased the likelihood of getting carpet tunnel… and did nothing to increase the speed with which the traffic light went from green to red or vice-versa?

What if instead of being hooked up to the traffic light… the walk button wasn’t connected to anything at all?

Man, that’s a of questions, huh?

And, why are we compelled to push the button ourselves… even when we see that someone arrived at the street corner a few seconds before us and already pushed the button? Do we think “that idiot pushed the button wrong. I better do it. Make sure it’s pushed right.”

To find out the facts about the walk button — and to find, “does pushing the walk button do anything?” — ¬†This vs That spent several days examining the walk buttons at various intersections in a number of Los Angeles neighborhoods — both during the day and at night. Below, you’ll find out report.

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