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You: “I Want to Monetize My Website” This vs That: “OK! Let’s Do It.”


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This vs That has 5 Simple Questions For You

  • Are you fed up with writing your blog for free?
  • Have you said: “I want to monetize my website”?
  • Does your podcast get plenty of listeners… and yet you’re not making a dime?
  • Are you sick of promises of monetizing your website that go unfulfilled?
  • Are you disappointed by affiliate ad networks that offer ads for products you don’t use, that don’t appeal to your audience and don’t pay you any a decent fee?

➔ If you answered YES just once, it’s time you put This vs That to work for you.


GDG_9947Six 1-hour episodes all in High Definition

• Answers to questions everyone asks… but have been unable to answer.  ✅

• Experiments and demonstrations as big and loud as anything you’ve seen on Discovery, History or Spike TV.  ✅

• World renown scientists, leading authorities, experts, and doctors from among the most prestigious institutions in the world. Plus, New York Times best selling authors and the man who holds the patent for creating stain resistant carpet.  ✅

• No Bias. No Bullshit. Just Science, Fact and Funny.  ✅ ✅

• Stars whose work you already love (Brad Sherwood, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Chris Tallman, Reno: 911, The Sarah Silverman Show, Chocolate News, The Thundermans and Mark DeCarlo, Travel Channel, FX, Jimmy Neutron) ✅✅✅

• Absolutely NO commercials or advertisements to interrupt your viewing experience.  ✅
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• The creator of series’ for Discovery, TLC, Science, GSN, NBC and Playboy TV, and a staff that includes producers & writers from Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bullshit with Penn and Teller, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night, Politically Incorrect, Real Time, The Truth About Sex, and The Jeselnick Offensive (among others).  ✅ ✅ ✅

Enter Your Name Right Here To Get Started Monetizing Your Site. This vs That’s creator will get back to you ASAP


Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 3.04.35 PMAre you ready to make smarter decisions? • Do you want unbiased facts that could save your life in an emergency? • Wouldn’t you like to make choices that will improve your health and save you emotional capital, time, energy, and money?

• Then, you’ve gotta see This vs That, the new science series that reveals the optimum methods for humans to navigate through the world and interact with machines, systems and each other.


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• Earn $3 dollars for every conversion. That’s right. $3 bucks every time someone uses your unique promo code to buy This vs That.

• Custom made ads specifically for your site, audience or demographic.

• No ad size is too big or too small. Chose from dozens of ads. Want variety? Replace or change them as often as you’d like.

• This vs That ads are a unique advertising product that stands heads and shoulders above all the other ads on your site, because it’s big, loud, and eye catching.

• A promo-code that is uniquely your own.

• Weekly sales updates / Pay outs monthly.

Enter Your Name Right Here To Get Started Monetizing Your Site. This vs That’s creator will get back to you ASAP



500px-notepad_icon-svg• “Because they are not behold to advertisers, they can show you things you’d never see on regular TV”

• “This vs That is the Indie Rock of TV”

• “Series Creator minting brave new distribution model.”

• “Mark, Brad and Chris are Jedis of the Real World.”

• “This show is both smart and funny. Oh, and did I mention funny?”


Thanks to This vs That, you can finally monetize your website, podcast or newsletter and turn your followers and fans into cash.

  • Stop writing, blogging, and doing your podcast for free. 
  • This vs That is a proven revenue generator. 
  • At $3 bucks for every conversion, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better advertising deal on the web anywhere. 
  • Earn what you’re worth 
  • Spend more time with family and friends 
  • Work from home, the beach…wherever 


hear-podcast-microphone-icon-300x297• If you have a podcast, we can customize an original :60 second ad that mentions your show and the deep discount you are offering your fans and subscribers… for This vs That.

• Professional voice over done by This vs That’s official announcer.


guarantee_iconThis vs That’s 100% Guarantee: You will love our show. It’s better than what you’ll see on cable or the networks because it’s not dumbed down and it reveals facts and information you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re not 100% fully satisfied with This vs That for any reason, email the creator within 10 days of purchase, and get a full refund.



This vs That Answers The Questions Your Audience, Fans and Subscribers Are Asking

IMG_3801What’s the fastest way through highway traffic? Creep along in your lane or weave in and out of cars? Or, should you just take surface streets?

What’s the fastest way to load 100 passengers onto an airplane, front to back, back to front or some other way entirely?

Which car really gets better mileage and is better for the environment, a hybrid or a high mileage combustion engine car?


Photos - 1246Why This vs That? Because we are committed to empowering you to make better decisions that will save you emotional capital, and save you time, money and even your life. Plus: we’re committed to helping you achieve a financially prosperous life.



Enter Your Name Right Here To Get Started Monetizing Your Site. This vs That’s creator will get back to you ASAP.


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