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Revealed: Why Do Prius Drivers Love Their Car?


There are a number of reasons why Prius drivers love their car. 

  • They want to do their part to help end our dependence on foreign oil.
  • They want to do their part to help reduce COemissions into the atmosphere.
  • They want to save money.
  • They want people who see them driving to think they are wonderful, thoughtful, magical citizens who love the planet, rainbows and unicorns more than everyone else on the road.

I might be wrong about that last one. 

I also might not be wrong.

Anyway — what if Prius drivers aren’t getting all the benefits they think they are from their hybrid? What if instead of saving the environment, they were hurting it? What if instead of saving money, they were spending too much? What if instead of getting great gas mileage, they were getting about what they were getting when they drove a combustion engine car?

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 12.49.09 PMThis vs That spoke with leading experts in the field of automotive and hybrid mechanics AND conducted a first of its kind experiment in which 5 professional drivers simultaneously drove three hybrids and two high mileage combustion engine cars around the 1/4 mile track at the automotive proving grounds in Lancaster, CA, for 20 miles. We set the cruise control at 40mph and the A/C at 70o.

How’d the cars do?

The results will shock you. And some of the reasons Prius drivers love their car may be as ephemeral as the emissions they’re trying to reduce.

You can see the entire experiment along with our experiment to determine the best bet a gambler can make in the casino by clicking the banner on the right.

As a preview, check out just a part of the 60 minute episode below and see what these ladies in bikinis found out from hybrid drivers on Venice Beach.

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Battery1 copyPS. If you’d like to see Whose Line Is It Anyways’s? Brad Sherwood read the absolute funniest & best Seussian bed time story about the Prius’ cadmium rich battery and its cross-global journeys, click HERE.

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