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Revealed: You’ll Succumb To Hypothermia Fast! (VIDEO)


HypothermiaHow quickly do you think you’ll succumb to hypothermia in freezing water?


Don’t read any further. That is, until you think of a number, OK?

You got a number?

Now, watch the video and compare how close you got to the actual time it takes to succumb to hypothermia.

Below, a clip from Episode #2 of This vs That’s episode to determine which flotation device, a seat cushion or the life vest, is more likely to save your life if you survive a plane crash in water.

You can see the ENTIRE episode… along with the remaining 5 hour-long episodes, by clicking the panel below the “Now Showing” banner.

Note: This episode features a survivor from US Air Flight 1549, the chief of Thoracic surgery from Cedars Sinai, a former United Airlines pilot and a series of life saving demonstrations conducted by the nation’s leading expert in training aircraft personnel in how to respond in emergencies. 

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