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Save 67% On This vs That, The “Indie Rock of TV”

As a thank you for your enthusiasm and support, we are offering This vs That for a 67% savings for the next four days.
As a thank you for your enthusiasm and support, we are offering This vs That for a 67% savings for the next four days. Go To: ThisvsThatShow.com • Enter: 67%offTvT at check out. • Enjoy!


30% Mythbusters

30% Whose Line Is it Anyway?

70% 60 Minutes

3% HBO’s Girls

One month ago, This vs That became the first independently produced factual entertainment series ever to debut on the web as video-on-demand.

(That may not seem like a big deal to most people — but, in terms of TV creation and distribution, it’s huge. Think about it. For the last 75 years, TV was created by networks & giant corporations. That’s no longer the case. And it means more choice, better content that’s available when you want to see it. Not on some schedule forced on you by the network overlords)

Anyway, to say thank you to all of you who’ve supported us in our infancy, we’re offering This vs That at a 67% savings. If you haven’t found time yet to see any of our 6 one-hour HD episodes, this weekend is the best opportunity yet.

We encourage you to share this promotion with friends, family and colleagues.

Website Views Up.058Since our debut, viewer enthusiasm has risen exponentially. We had 10 thousand unique visitors to ThisvsThatshow.com in April… and we’re on course to triple that in May. We also had 2 thousand blog visitors our first week… and we are on target to quadruple that in May.

This vs That not the type of show you expect to see on the web.

This vs That is as big as any comparable show on Discovery, Nat Geo or Science because it was made by TV professionals:

Brad Sherwood, of Whose Line is it Anyway? Chris Tallman, of Reno: 911, Sarah Silverman, Mark DeCarlo, host of more than 1000 hours of TV. Billy Idol & Joe Bonamossa’s drummer (wrote the music), the creator of “Arrow,” “The Truth About Sex,” “Punkin’ Chunkin,” “Invasion of the Xmas Lights,” (Executive Producers) Writers from Curb, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher, and Penn & Teller, and Producers from “Deadliest Catch” Plus: Scientists from UCLA, The Fermi Lab and Cedars Sinai Medical Center (among many others).


We call This vs That “TV You Can’t See On TV” because the advertisers who support the TV networks would never permit the scientific experiments we conducted on their products. Here’s just two examples:

  • We compared the gas milage of Toyota’s Prius & Honda Accord (Hybrid) with that of  high mileage combustion cars.
  • We reveal the secrets the airline industry are keeping from you about passenger safety and emergency procedures and preparation.


  • “It’s the indie Rock of TV”
  • “Jon Hotchkiss has finally cracked the nut on content for the web. His science series This vs That is timely, relevant, smart, cost effective, and best of all, it looks like a show you’d see on Discovery, Nat Geo or History and he made it for 85% less.”
  • “Mark, Brad & Chris are Jedis of the real world.”
  • “This vs That is a game changer in terms of TV creation, production, distribution and content ownership.”

Again, we thank you for your support. We appreciate your enthusiasm. And we look forward to keeping your entertained and informed for as long as you’ll have us.

Go To: ThisvsThatShow.com • Enter: 67%OffTvT at Check out.


Jon Hotchkiss is the creator, EP, Director & Writer of This vs That. He also created: The Truth About Sex (Playboy TV), Invasion of the X-Mas Lights (TLC), My Dad is Better Than Your Dad (NBC), and Punkin Chunkin (Science). Jon also ran the series Bullshit with Penn & Teller and was one of the original writers on Politically Incorrect. You can reach him here.

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