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REVEALED: The Science of Sexual Attraction, Breasts & Full Frontal Nudity



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Welcome to the This vs That blog… where today we’re going to be looking at the science of sexual attraction:

  1. Beautiful vs Ugly Faces
  2. Lingerie vs Nudity
  3. Big Breasts vs Small Breasts

Science has long established the basis for the perception of beauty in human faces.  And it’s universal. Everyone thinks Megan Fox is gorgeous… and Danny DeVito? Well, at least he’s got Rhea Perlman. For now.

You see, the perception of beauty — it turns out — comes down to facial symmetry. Look at these two photos below. Which one do you find more attractive?

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 8.24.17 AM

Nearly everyone picks…. the photo on the… right. Don’t worry if you didn’t. You’re probably just still drunk from last night.

So, what’s special about the photo on the right? It’s a computer composite where the left side of her face is actually a mirror image of the right side. In other words, you’re looking at the right side of her face… twice.

(Note: to any movie writers, if you’re thinking about taking this information about compositing and facial symmetry and adding it to say, your sy-fy spec that’s “Aliens” meets “America’s Next Top Model,” please know I have my copyright lawyers on speed dial.)

Below, the criteria science uses to determine facial symmetry:

• Vertical dimension – The distance between the pupils and mouth in relation to the distance of the hairline to the chin.

• Horizontal dimension – The distance between the pupils in relation to the width of the face.

Now, if you’re determined to measure your partner’s facial symmetry, so you’ll have a precise mathematical calculation of their beauty, don’t do it while they’re sleeping… and while holding a caliper in one hand and a yard stick in the other. ‘Nuff said.

Science has long established the basis for the perception of beauty in human faces.  And it’s universal. Everyone thinks Megan Fox is gorgeous… and Danny DeVito? Well, at least he’s got Rhea Perlman. For now.

Think back to the top of this blog post. The words “This vs That: Sex Edition” were highlighted with what color? Blue? Green? Red? Yellow?

If you said… red, that’s correct. And according to new research, if you want your partner to think more amorously about you… wear the color red. It’s no coincidence that on Valentine’s Day, people buy red roses, that the area in your city where you can find prostitutes is called “The Red Light District” and that in a 2012 on-line poll, Rudolph was voted Santa’s sexiest reindeer.


While that last part about Rudolph isn’t true — after all, everyone knows that Vixen is the reindeer into S&M — this next part is true. In a recent experiment, strippers got more in tips wearing red outfits… than any other.

OK. So, the question is why? Why are we attracted to the color red? One theory has to do with monkey butts. Really.

Scientists have documented that when a female monkey is in heat, she flairs out her red bulbous butt in order to attract a mate… and since monkeys are our ancestors… Oh, you know about evolution. 

 Free-Shipping-3PCS-Women-s-Sexy-Naughty-French-Maid-Cosplay-Costume-font-b-Pretty-b-fontNAKED VS NAUGHTY COSTUME

According to a recent study, which did men prefer in the bedroom? To have their partner just strip off their clothes and get naked? Or, did they prefer to see their partner in a naughty costume, first?

While it won’t be true for everyone in every situation, men got more excited at the site of a woman… in a naughty costume. Why? According to science, it has to do with some imperceptible combination of mystery, anticipation and it being out of the ordinary.

Big Breasts vs Small Breasts

Demotivational-Posters-Funny-For-5There is a notion quite prevalent in popular culture that women with big breasts aren’t as bright as women with small breasts.

Where did it come from? Why does it persist? The reasons are myriad and wide. HOWEVER — the fact is this: there is NO truth to this myth in any way shape or form.

Intelligence is determined by some mystery combination of biology, nature, early nutrition, how you’re nurtured, your birth order, environment, along with effort, perseverance, and determination. None of which directly correlate to the female body’s biological function of reaching puberty and growing breast tissue.


Go back to the top of this post, look at the pictures of the women… THEN: scroll back to here and pick the photo you find most attractive. My guess? There’s one in particular that will get the preponderance of votes. Come back tomorrow and we’ll announce the results.

Which Photograph Did You Find Most Attractive?

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***UPDATE (May 8th 9am Pacific): We’ve had quite a few votes. But, we’d love a bunch more. So, we’ll announce the results of this poll today at 5pm. In the interim, tell your friends to come & vote! We’re doing science here, people.***

***5:30PM UPDATE: In advance of this experiment, I chose the one photo from among the 13 that I thought would be voted “best looking” by the voters. And well, I was right!

This photo got three-times as many votes as the second place picture – which is ALSO a beautiful photo. However, there can only be one winner. So, coming in at #1 — your choice for “best looking” was…picture… #…

12. That’s Alyssa Campenella, Miss USA 2011.

Thanks to everyone who played along. For science!

And as science has indicated, there is a general standard of beauty… that nearly everyone around the world subscribes to.

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