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Science Reveals: Why Do Men Act Stupid Around Attractive Women?

Actress, Megan Albertus graciously agreed to help This vs That.
Actress, Megan Albertus graciously agreed to help This vs That.

How stupid do men act? In one example, after just looking at the above photo, the author of this blog post thought it was proper grammar to use the verb “stupid” in their headline, rather than the appropriate adverb, “stupidly.”

Since Lumiere made the first motion picture, every romantic comedy ever made has had the same formulaic story structure:

‘cute – but awkward guy approaches kooky but gorgeous girl… she smiles… cute guy spills cheese fondue on her. She gets 3rd degree burns… he gets arrested for stalking. Three months later they get married…. despite the objections of her plastic surgeon… and his parole officer.”

Starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Lawrence.

#1. Turn ons: The Super colider Turn offs: Non peer reviewed journals
#1. Turn ons: The Super colider
Turn offs: Non peer reviewed journals

Why is this formula so popular? Because it’s mirroring a very real phenomenon in human behavior where men suddenly act stupid and bumbling when they’re around pretty girls.

In fact, in one recent scientific study, a group of men was divided in half. Both halves were given a test where they were shown 25 cards – one at a time. They were asked to say the word on the card — while ignoring the color it was written in.

YELLOW.007For example, with this card, you would say “yellow” rather than “red”. Your brain recognizes the color before it does the word… so, you have to suppress your first urge and go with your second.

The amount of time it took each man to complete the task was recorded.

THEN: 1/2 the group spent 10 minutes with very pretty girls and were directed to make conversation, flirt, etc. The other 1/2 of the group spent 10 minutes hanging out with a bunch more guys. Then, both groups were given the test again, and their times recorded.

The guys who had just previously spent time with pretty girls saw their test times TAKE LONGER, on average, than the group of men who hung out with guys.

So, what accounts for this result? There are several theories, but no concrete answers:

1. Because men are thinking about having sex…. they aren’t focused on ¬†proper behavior, like not staring at the woman’s breasts…

2. OK. So, there’s only one theory. but it’s only a theory. Science may have observed the phenomenon of men acting stupid around pretty women… but, as of yet, they have not figured out why

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