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Dog vs Cat (VIDEO)

Tweet You’re invited. Check out This vs That’s series of experiments to determine which household pet is actually smarter. It’s Dog vs Cat.  This episode features: 1. Dozens of cute […]

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Either this Orangutan is using a spear to catch a fish... demonstrating his ability to utilize tools. OR, an incredibly smart fish used a spear to catch an Orangutan.

Diabolical Fish Catches Orangutan With Spear

Tweet The study of animal intelligence has taken several great leaps forward as of late. Elephants are long thought to be stupid incapable of tool use. Just like the Kardashians.  In […]

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Genius Crow Utilizes Tools To Reach Food!

Genius Crow Utilizes Tools To Reach Food!

Tweet GENIUS CROW Several new scientific papers including one from researchers at Oxford —  have revealed something startling about crows. They’re not just pooping on your head by accident. They’re […]

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While it's true that dogs can help the blind and sniff for drugs... cats can be taught to poop on the toilet.

Dogs vs Cats: Who’s Smarter?

Tweet WHO’S SMARTER: DOGS VS CATS There has been a long standing debate in the field of animal cognition: Which is smarter, dogs or cats? Well, that and — seriously, […]

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