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7 Things Pilots Will Not Tell About Flotation Devices


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Before you buy your next airplane ticket, you should see our series of experiments to determine the efficacy of airplane flotation devices and discover the facts even pilots will not tell you. Did you know:

1. One of the flotation devices will actually kill you if you use it improperly.

2. One of the flotation devices doesn’t do what the safety card says it will.

3. One of the flotation devices will float as many as three people… and one will barely float even one person.

4. One of the flotation devices will become 100% useless in near freezing water. For example, did you know that the water in the Hudson River on the day US Air Flight 1549 ditched was 41 degrees? At that temperature, how quickly do you think hypothermia will set in? Watch the video and find out.

5. Even though planes that fly more than 50 miles off the US coast are required to have BOTH an inflatable life vest and a buoyant seat cushion, it’s quite possible one of those items won’t be there. We’ll tell you why.

You can see the entire series… plus, the remaining 4 segments of these flotation device experiments by clicking HERE.

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