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This vs That: Series Preview


Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 1.00.04 PMWelcome! We’re glad you decided to check out This vs That. 

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We’ve collected together the first 10 minutes of each of our 6 one-hour shows… and we invite you to watch them, free.

Happy viewing.

Episode #1: What’s the fastest way to board and airplane? Plus, we reveal the hotter bbq fuel, propane or natural gas?

Episode #2: Which flotation is more likely to save your life if you survive a plane crash in water? Plus, what’s the single best bet you can make in a casino with a 100 dollar bill?

Episode #3: Which car really gets better gas mileage, a hybrid or a high mileage combustion engine car? Plus which is really better for the environment, paper vs plastic?

Episode #4: What’s the safest roof to have on your house if you live in a hurricane zone? Plus, which popping method produces the fluffiest popcorn?  

Episode #5: What’s the fastest way to navigate through highway traffic? Stay in your lane or weave in and out of cars? Plus, what’s the best way to get red wine, mustard and kool aid stains out of your carpet?

Episode #6: Which of your pets is smarter? It’s dog vs cat. Plus, what’s the best way to get blood out of your carpet?

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