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Top Five Science Stories Volume: #4


Below, the top five science stories for the week ending May 10th, 2014 featuring “Beer Goggles,” dogs who sniff for cancer, meditation, how the pyramids were built and how your nail salon could be giving you cancer. 

How Jello Shots Turn A 6 Into a 9.


 Scientists at the University of Roehampton in England have data that supports “The Beer Goggle Effect.” “Beer Goggles” being the term used to describe what happens when a person who has too much alcohol to drink “mysteriously” finds a person attractive and wants to have sex with them….albeit, a person who they previously would not find attractive, were they not currently drunk. Scientists now believe that drinking alcohol distorts — more so in men — their ability to ascertain facial symmetry. It has long been known that one cue — likely unconsciously — men utilize to determine what is attractive in a woman… is facial symmetry. Meaning, that the distance from one eye’s center to the bridge of the nose is the same as the other eye’s center to the bridge of the nose. That the corners of the mouth are equi-distant to the tip of the nose, etc. However, when men get drunk, their ability to determine facial symmetry is reduced. Thus, a woman they would likely find less attractive when sober, becomes more attractive when they’re drunk. Stay tuned, these same British scientists are also studying the effects on men of a woman’s crizz-azzy bedunkadunk. Read more HERE.

Your Dog May Be Sniffing Your Ass For A Good Reason. Not Just Because He Likes It.


After a handful of exciting anecdotal evidence, scientists in the US are beginning to take seriously the idea that it’s possible a well trained dog could sniff out cancer in humans. In 2011, scientists in Germany working with dogs found two of whom could accurately detect lung cancer by just sniffing the patients breath. Similarly, in Japan, scientists working with a black lab discovered the dog could sniff out bowel cancer by just sniffing the patient’s breath. It will take many more research studies utilizing many more dogs and correct detections before science is more convinced of its efficacy, but since so many of the most deadly cancers could be arrested with earlier detection, everyone remains optimistic that dogs will one day be relied on even more so and once again earn the title “Man’s Best Friend.” Read more HERE.


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Science Reveals How Pyramids Built. Pharaoh Didn’t Need Permit.


Scientists in Amsterdam studying the great pyramids believe they have solved what is perhaps the last great mystery of Ancient Egypt. No, not the one about why anyone would build such lavish stone castles… without putting in a squash court. No. In examining the results of their research, Dutch scientists believe they now know HOW an army of slave labor was able to actually move the vast number of incredibly large stones – such long distances – in order to build the great pyramids of Egypt. Uber. They just called the internet taxi-service, Uber. I’m kidding. Scientists now believe the giant stones were hoisted onto even more gigantic sleds which teams of slave labor pulled over the sand. But not dry sand. No. The scientists believe ancient Egyptians made the sand wet. Which would make it sturdier, more cohesive, less likely to “smush down” (yes, that’s a scientific word, “smush”) and create less friction. Here, think of it like this: At the beach, you have the ocean, followed by the wet sand, followed by the dry sand. As any beach jogger can tell you, the wet sand closer to the water is much easier to run on than the dry sand because it is sturdier and provides more resistance. One mystery still remains, though. How did the ancient Egyptians ferry the hundreds of thousands of gallons of water necessary — without spilling — to the quarry where the pyramid stones were taken from? My guess? Giant sippy cups. Read more HERE

Your Salon Is Giving You Gorgeous Nails. And Perhaps Cancer, Too.


According to the results of a new study reported in the medical journal, Jama: Dermatology, the UV radiation absorbed into the fingers and hands by women who dry their freshly done fingernails under the UV lamp at the salon could dramatically increase their likelihood of skin cancer. Although the amount of UV varied at the salons tested — the result of the power of the bulb used — a woman who dried her nails under the most powerful bulb just 8 times would surpass the recommended UV exposure. In order to protect against the dangers of skin cancer, researchers are recommending that women apply liberal amounts of sunscreen before a visit to the salon or that they put on specially designed UV blocking gloves — with the finger tips cut off — in order to protect their skin. Also scientists note that when it comes to BOTH straight men and gay women determining attractiveness and compatibility in a woman, the design of said woman’s finger nail polish plays a 0% role. Read more HERE.


All That Sitting And Not Thinking? It Might Be Pointless.


According to a blockbuster and controversial report in the new issue of Scientific American, meditation may not be giving its practicers the benefits they think it does. It has long been promised that silent meditation has the power to help you control anxiety, reduce stress, clear your mind, make you happy, rest your body and clarify your goals. However, according to a team of scientists at Johns Hopkins University, the benefits of meditation may be greatly overstated. While the scientists agree that there is some evidence of some reduction in anxiety and stress as a result of meditation, science is a long way from confirming or denying the other presumed benefits. Read more HERE.

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