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TV Series Creator Forgoes Emmy Magazine Cover For Page 22 Profile

Don't ask This vs That creator, EP, director, & writer where he's holding the mic.
Don’t ask This vs That creator, EP, director, & writer where he’s holding the mic.

Despite 11 Emmy nominations… followed swiftly by 11 Emmy loses, This vs That creator Jon Hotchkiss (The Truth About Sex (Playboy TV), Penn & Teller: Bullshit, Invasion of the Christmas Lights (TLC), My Dad is Better Than Your Dad (NBC), Punkin’ Chunkin’ (Science) and Politically Incorrect), holds no grudges – that he can share with you – and graciously agreed to appear in the Television Academy’s May/June issue and to forgo the issue’s cover, in exchange for more prestigious placement on page 22… opposite a full page ad for a new prostate medication administered rectally.

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The reason for the profile? As one media writer put it previously: “This vs That is a game changer in terms of TV creation, production, distribution and ownership.”

“I made a televisions series from this garage. I wrote it here, I produced it here. We edited it entirely in this garage and we’re going to distribute it to the world out of this garage.” – Jon Hotchkiss (Emmy Mag May/June 2013)

And well, making a TV series in a home garage isn’t how TV gets made. TV gets made by giant international media companies – they put up millions of dollars — and then they own the content. The creators of your favorite shows are generally “work for hire.”

HOWEVER, This vs That demonstrates a new paradigm: creators can now own their work and profit from them, as well — because the tools to make a show are affordable and distributing a show around the world is as easy as uploading a video to YouTube.


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