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Unlike NSA, This vs That is REVEALING Secrets

Turn On: The supercollider at CERN. Turn Offs: Non peer-reviewed journals.

This vs That is the first independently produced investigative series to be featured on NBC News with Brian Williams and in Emmy Magazine for its unique independent distribution model, for revealing facts and information viewers can’t find anywhere else and for its sublime integration of serious scientific exploration… with fart jokes.

This vs That is being hailed in the media as the #1 source for science enthusiasts, skeptics, critical thinkers, and people who like to laugh at fart jokes. And, unlike the NSA, This vs That is REVEALING secrets, not spying on your Facebook timeline. Also, unlike the NSA, This vs That is not secretly mocking you for posting pictures of your kids, your dog, or those ironic unflattering selfies you take.

This vs That stars Brad Sherwood (Whose Line Is It Anyway?), Chris Tallman (Comedy Central, Reno: 911, Sarah Silverman Show, Chocolate News, Hardballs) and Mark DeCarlo (FXs, Studs, voice of Jimmy Neutron’s Dad, & author, A Fork on the Road).

This vs That is created by Jon Hotchkiss, whose work also includes: The Truth About Sex (Playboy TV), Penn & Teller: Bullshit, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Politically Incorrect and many others.

For more on This vs That, check out this brand new FREE preview 

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