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This vs That Podcast: Episode 2



Welcome to an all new This vs That podcast. 

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Episode Contents:

  1. If you’ve ever gone shopping for a bag of Cheetos… and come home with a big screen TV instead, this weeks’s podcast is for you.  It’s happened to me. Twice. So, what makes this happen? Why do we spend money we may not have on a thing we weren’t thinking about, and probably don’t really need? What’s wrong with our brain? What’s the store doing to influence us? And since when does 7-11 sell big screen TVs?
  2. In a recent study, scientists reported that people would rather subject themselves to an electrical shock… than sit alone, by themselves, for just 15 minutes. Although this has never happened to me, I would have preferred the shocks after just 10 minutes of watching Avatar. But, that’s just me. Anyway, what’s going on inside our heads? What are we afraid of? Why can’t be be alone? We’ve got the answers.
  3. Think about it. Right now you probably have two or three gift cards that you have received… maybe one from Best Buy, another from Olive Garden and one from iTunes. Each of them has 25 or 50 bucks on them. Not an insignificant amount of money. And yet, when we think about these cards we typically have two reactions: 1. I’m too busy now, but when I find some time, I’ll spend these. And 2. I’m not really feeling like I deserve a “reward” or “treat” now, but next week, when I’m feeling better, I’ll treat myself. And yet… when next week comes, we still don’t spend the gift cards. We’ll explain.
  4. Plus, we’ll reveal why you think a movie is bad, if your friend saw it first, and thought it was bad, too. How does expectation influence decision making? We’ll tell you.
  5. And finally, we’re playing another edition of Chronological. This time, we name four national pizza chains, and you have to put them in the order in which they opened in the US, beginning with the earliest. 

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