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This vs That Podcast: Episode 3


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Are dogs smarter than cats? Why are sales women so snobby? And, are beer goggles real? We’ve got the answers to all that, and a lot more.

Thanks for coming to listen to the third episode of the This vs That podcast.

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The show is hosted by Jon Hotchkiss, the creator of This vs That and Ned Rice, a veteran comedy writer whose written for Politically Incorrect, Real Time, Jimmy Kimmel and The Jeselnick Offensive, to name just a few. Between Ned and Jon, they have lost at the Emmys a staggering 20 times.

On this week’s episode:

  • Ever been treated rudely by a sales clerk in a high-end retail store? Of course you have. We all have. You ask to look at something expensive, and the woman — it’s usually a woman, a woman wearing too much perfume — looks down her nose at you, creases her eyes, and makes an expression with her mouth that says: “You can’t afford that!” then suggests “Perhaps you’d be more comfortable with something over there…” She is, of course, pointing to the bargain bin. Seems like a pretty shitty way to treat customers, right? Seems like that store probably doesn’t make a lot of sales, right? Except is that right? Is being snobby actually a great sales technique? We’ll explain.
  • It’s a debate as old as time itself. Which is smarter, dogs or cats? We’ve looked at the latest research and we’ve got some answers that will surprise you.
  • What is it about alcohol that makes a person who you’d never have sex with were you sober… suddenly look like someone you want to have sex with this very instance? It’s an effect known as “Beer Goggles” and we’ll explain if they’re real and why you think a “6” looks like a “9” when you’re drunk.
  • Plus, we’ll take a look back at the Milgram Experiment in a segment we call “Bad Science” to reveal the extraordinary good that came from mistreating a dozen or students on the Stamford campus in the early 1960s.

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