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This vs That Podcast: Episode #4

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Why do guys act stupidly around pretty girls? We’ve got the answer.

On this episode of the This vs That podcast, airplane safety secrets, why guys act stupidly around pretty girls and the effect a bike helmet has on your safety.


  • 5 things even pilots won’t tell you about airline safety. One of them will scare the shit out of you — it’s the one about those masks that drop in the event of a cabin depressurization. And another will scare two shits out of you. 
  • Bicycle helmets. There are those who say that wearing a helmet makes it MORE likely that you’ll be hit by a car when you’re riding your bike. Science has looked into this… and we’ll reveal the facts.
  • Plus, why do men seem to act stupidly around pretty girls? Is it to obscure insecurities? The answer will surprise you.

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