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This vs That: Web Traffic Way Up



January 27, 2014  Even with a four more days of January still on the horizon, This vs That can announce that unique visits to their website are up 21% compared to the 4th quarter of 2013.

When compared to 2013’s 2nd / 3rd quarters, unique visits are up over 80%.

Reached for a comment, This vs That’s creator, Jon Hotchkiss said:

“I am thrilled that the first independently produced TV series of its kind is finding its audience. An audience of people who are interested in how the world works, how the machines and systems we interact with operate and how we — the viewers — can improve the decisions we make to save ourselves time, money and even our lives.”

This vs That is available @ blog.thisvsthatshow.com

The hosts: This vs That is hosted by Whose Line Is it Anyways? Brad Sherwood, Chris Tallman from Reno: 911, The Sarah Silverman Show, Chocolate News and his new series, The Thundermans, and Mark DeCarlo, who has hosted more than 1000 hours of network TV.

About Jon Hotchkiss: Jon is the creator of This vs That, as well as an 11 time Emmy nominee, and creator of several other series, including “The Truth About Sex” on Playboy TV, My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad (NBC), Invasion of the Christmas Lights (TLC) and Punkin Chunkin (Science). Jon was also the show runner on Penn & Teller: Bullshit and one of the original writers on Politically Incorrect, where he spent 5 years.

Below, a :60 preview of This vs That’s entire 6-hour series.


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