Which cup keeps coffee hot the longest? This vs That Investigates

Which is the best cup to keep coffee hot?

Which cup keep coffee hot the longest? And which uses a sun block with SPF 5000 in order to prevent a burn? This vs That investigates… and reveals the answer (s).


From cheap styrofoam to ceramic to expensive bone China to plastic and even 20-dollar thermoses, everyone who drinks coffee has their favorite “Caffeine Delivery Vehicle.” And yet one question lingers: “Which cup keeps the planet’s favorite drink hotter… longest?” Well, that and: “When did Starbucks open… another Starbucks inside my current Starbucks?” OK. Two questions.

To find out which cup keeps coffee hot the longest, This vs That conducted an extensive investigation where it tested 12 different types of cups to reveal the one cup that does — in fact — keep coffee hotter… longer. So, without further delay, we present…

“The Rumble By The Pool: The Search For The Planet’s Best Coffee Cup.”

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  1. Thermos is a brand name and it’s usually associated with a vacuum bottle where there are two layers, glass or metal, with a vacuum in between. Also the inner surfaces are mirror finished. This reduces or prevents heat transfer via all three ways that heat moves. No conduction because of the gap, no convection because there is no air in the gap, and little or no radiation because of the mirrored surfaces. This is why Thermos-like containers (the proper name is Dewar Flask) are used for things like liquid oxygen.

    But you said your thing had insulation between the layers. I don’t know if you are calling it Thermos just because it resembles one or if it was actually sold with that brand name on it but it’s sure not a Thermos in the vacuum bottle sense.

    An actual vacuum bottle would hold the heat the longest. BUT, one takes a big hit initially because the inner wall of the vacuum bottle, whether glass or metal, has a high specific heat…in other words, the material, being at room temperature, will absorb a good deal of heat from the liquid. The styrofoam cup, on the other hand, is a pretty good insulator but also has a much lower specific heat and will not take so much heat away initially.

    So for short term, styrofoam is better, particularly with a small amount of coffee. But for long term a real vacuum bottle “Thermos” is going to win. WIth a proper closure, it will keep coffee hot for hours.

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