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World’s Greatest Breakfast: Beignet + Bacon = (Awesome + Amazing) X 3

These are beignets, a donut like treat dusted with powdered sugar, made famous in the city of New Orleans.

On New Year’s Day 2014, my wife invented “Beignacon.”

What is “Beignacon”, you ask?

“Beignacon” is:

The World’s Greatest Breakfast: Beignet + Bacon = (Awesome + Amazing) X 3.

That… is what “Beignacon” is. Now bow your heads in reverence!

2. Fry bacon (duh!).
2. Fry bacon (duh!).

Anyway, the invention of “beignacon” is, in and of itself a nearly incomprehensible feet, on a par with Michael Phelps winning 7 gold medals at the Olympics, only more unlikely. Think: Phelps wins 7 gold medals in swimming while tethered to a busload of pigs headed to slaughter.

And yet, my wife accomplished her uber-amazing feet hot on the heals of another awe-inspiring feat, where just three days earlier, she invented the Greatest. Breakfast. Ever. (copyright pending)

What is the Greatest. Breakfast. Ever?

The greatest breakfast ever is “Pancacon.” You can read about “Pancacon’s” historic and meteoric world invasion, here.

You can see the gallery of historic “Pancacon” images, here.

______________________This vs That VS Mythbusters_________________________


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The World’s Greatest Breakfast: Beignet + Bacon = (Awesome + Amazing) X 3.

And now, we return to my wife’s unthinkable, here-to-fore unimaginable sequel… in which she wrapped beignet dough around bacon…. deep fried it… and dusted it with powdered sugar. Thus improving on the Greatest. Breakfast. Ever. by adding two amazing ingredients:

  • Fried
  • Powdered Sugar

You can see the historic step by step creation and cooking process for “Beignacon” in the gallery, below.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 3.21.19 PM

WARNING: Some images may not be suitable for people with a weak heart or poor self esteem. If you experience an erection lasting four or more hours following the viewing of said images… that means it’s working!

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